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I’m very hopeful about our ability to tackle human induced global warming and climate change. We have the technology and the capability to switch to renewables, thereby dramatically reducing our impact on global warming while creating a new energy system that works. Such a switch can be economically viable, create huge numbers of jobs, and make a good future for our children and grandchildren. HOWEVER…. We must have the courage to fully inform ourselves, look the monster in the face, and take action without delay. Because if we don’t, over the next few decades our very survival could hang in the balance.

I repeat – we CAN do this (see my Solutions page), but only if we organize, make changes in our own lives, and convince our leaders to act on the big projects. But if we don’t act, if we set all this aside because we’re too busy, or can’t be bothered, or it’s too damn scary to contemplate, or someone has convinced you that climate change doesn’t exist, or we humans didn’t do it, or it’s all hopeless, then we are in trouble – BIG trouble. So I encourage you to stay with me. Because it is real and we can do something!

Also, I give a fresh perspective, one I haven’t seen elsewhere, as to why we humans are responsible for global warming.(see beginning at the fourth paragraph of my global warming page)

I also talk about both our rapid population growth and our negative impact on a healthy planet and how all four of these issues – climate, warming, population and ecological health – are interrelated.

So friends, please read on , including each of the menu items at the top of the page.

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So… Onward!

There is a lot of talk about climate, climate change and global warming right now – is it happening? What is it? Is it causing California’s drought or the Midwest’s dramatically cold weather of a year or so ago, or the 2003 heat wave in Europe?

Extreme drought and heat and cold are bad enough, but what’s happening now is just the beginning if we don’t get our lazy butts in gear and do something about it right away.  With climate change we have to be hugely proactive. We have to take action long before the worst of it is upon us. We’re so used to responding to crises after they happen. For global warming and climate change, however, we have to act very early. It’s a little like preparing for the Olympics – you have to start training your body years before the event. So why early for climate change? Because we can only block it by acting decades ahead of the full effect.

The problem isn’t just just the big weather and climate changes that will come. It’s how we will react to them. If we don’t take corrective action NOW, it won’t be too many years before we are at war with each other over dwindling water, food, and resources. If it gets really bad, it will be neighbor fighting neighbor, community fighting community, and nation against nation struggling to survive.

But take hope. It’s doesn’t have to be that way. There are some wonderful solutions out there. We just have to band together as a Nation and implement them. Then, if we commit to an effective program and make a serious start, we will be in a far better place to persuade the rest of the world to follow our example.

Below is my “I have a dream” piece that I wrote a few months ago and that expands on the above. But before you read that, you might want to take a look at my sub-topics: “Age of Consequences” and “Denial – The Freight Train“.

I have a dream. That you and I and the rest of us unite to tackle four big interlocking threats to our well-being, perhaps to our very existence. These threats are global warming (GW), climate change (CC), population growth, and the increasing decline of the planet’s ecological health. It is my contention that if we don’t take these threats seriously and don’t act immediately and in big ways, we face a very bleak future. That is, if we and our children and our grandchildren are left with any future at all. However, if we’re smart and take immediate action, we may be able to save ourselves. (See Wind, Solar, and other solutions.)

And what’s this about climate change(CC)? How can just a few degrees rise in global temperature, if it’s happening, change our climate? And what does that mean? We’ve always had periods of drought and hurricanes, tornadoes and floods. Why is it any different now? Read my pieces on climate change, climate change effects and on climate denial and some of the other menu items at the top of this blog.

I have some ideas to add to the discussion that you may not have heard. For example, I don’t use science to persuade you that man made global warming is real. I use history and how the fantastic advances we’ve made over the past 200 to 300 years are at the root of these problems. (See my global warming page, beginning at paragraph 4)

Over the next few weeks I hope to present you with simple, straightforward, positive actions you can take. There are some good solutions. I hope you will join me and tell your friends. The more of us who step up and take action, the more effective we will be. Thanks.

For more, please go to my pages on Population, Global Warming, Climate Change, and the Health of our Planet.

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